Why cloud StreamCRM?

7000 users


450 CRM clients


1 000 000 client cards


CRM and telephony
Easy integration with Cloud PBX StreamPBX without additional modules. A single personal account and technical support.

Customize your profile for business needs
All processes in the system are configured to suit your needs and business targets. You can make a clear step-by-step instruction for your staff to manage customers relations based on your experience. Make your employee training flawless and easy.

Comprehensive Analytics
Flexible reporting – you get a complete picture of the general workflow or an individual employee’s performance. You can adjust everything to suit your needs.

Perfect for teamwork
The team leader can track the results of the team or company’s branches with the help of CRM system. All data is stored in the cloud, you can easily set up different storage for your data sets in one cloud.

Technical support
Forget about technical issues. We are responsible for all the technical support – servers, backups, data centres and timely updates of the system.

Advice and assistance
Our specialists provide free advice on all issues. Feel free to call us 24/7.

How to make your customer relations

Management more effective

With the help of Stream CRM

Stream Telecom CRM allows you to keep account of your customers and manage your interaction. We give you an easily accessible list of potential customers with their contacts, so that you always keep the entire interaction history at hand. Knowing the history of transactions and sales you can make tailored offers for your clients to increase your sales.

What are the benefits of Stream Telecom CRM for customers’ accounting?

  • Access to all data

    Customer information is stored in a secure and systematized virtual storage. Having access rights your employees can use this database irrespective of their geographic location.

  • Performance monitoring

    You can easily monitor the performance of each manager: the number of customers, stage of the deal, payment arrears, and an average time of the transaction.

  • Accounting for client requests

    Through integration with telephony, Stream Telecom CRM keeps a record of all customers’ requests starting from the first call.

  • Potential for the company’s growth

    Customer accounting allows you to analyze your performance, effectively plan your interaction with customers, analyze the failures and optimize sales algorithms. Make the work of your company truly effective!

Functionality of customer accounting

  • Automatically save the history of conversation with customers:  store the records of telephone conversations and mailing history in a single system.
  • Analyze your customer database using various analytical tools.
  • Get information about the current state of each transaction, the number of active customers and the number of secured contracts.
  • Target problem areas at different stages. Adjust your sales algorithm and tasks for your personnel.
  • Mark the most important sales partners and if needed provide special service scenarios for them.
  • Secure the storage of all customer information in the database regardless of your relations with managers. Customers will not be lost and you can assign them to new managers.
  • You can quickly integrate the existing customer database into Stream Telecom CRM and get started within 1 hour.

If your company is engaged in sales then you have to properly organize and supervise the work of employees. In order to make it you have to design proper system of work coordination, planning and motivation of your sales managers. Don’t worry, CRM Stream Telecom will help you!

How StreamCRM will help you increase your sales?

  • History of relationships with customers

    CRM automatically registers all incoming calls and messages from customers, starting from the very first interaction. It allows to instantly see the complete history of interaction with a customer without having access to a particular computer as all the information is stored in the «cloud». The leak of data is excluded even in the case of dismissal or reassignment of the responsible manager.

  • Sales analytics

    Thanks to the integration of the CRM with a telecommunication network and e-mail you can track the number of incoming and outgoing calls of every manager. By having access to the full history of interaction with customers, you will be able to monitor the performance of every particular manager with regard to dealing with calls and correspondence. You’ll also have a possibility to trace the number of incoming/outgoing calls, products suggested to customers as well as to assess the quality of the client service.

  • Motivation of employees

    The CRM system allows to track the effectiveness of the employees’ workflow in real time, as well as to keep a record of the number of successfully completed transactions. It enables you to properly motivate your employees, set achievable targets as well as to analyze what employees can do and what can be done for them in order to enhance their performance.

  • «Cold calls»

    Make single click «cold calls» using the preset communication scenarios and available database of customers. The received feedback from customers is directly recorded in the CRM.

  • Compilation of proposals

    By seeing the complete history of communication with a customer and the list of products and services he or she is interested in, the meager can easily compile new proposals relevant particularly for this customer.

How to manage sales with Stream CRM

  • CRM Stream Telecom is a virtual database for business which you can access via the Internet regardless your location. All information about customers is at your disposal 24/7.
  • CRM Stream Telecom provides comprehensive data on all transactions. It enables you to track the performance of all your managers and thus make relevant alterations to their workflow. 
  • Our CRM system allows to assign a particular manager to a particular customer and to track how their relationships develop. In a case of need, you can always reassign customers to other managers.
  • CRM Stream Telecom allows to easily schedule control calls and monitor the receipt of payments.