• Quick Start

    When connecting to Stream Telecom CRM you can quickly integrate it with existing customer database. Save your database in CSV format, download it to the CRM and get to work!

  • Easy access anytime and anywhere

    Your entire customer database is stored in the cloud on the Internet. Your employees can use it at any time, regardless of the location of their workplace.

  • Single customers database

    Stream Telecom CRM creates a single customer database for all branches of your company. The database is stored on our server and we guarantee its accessibility and security.

  • Access rights

    You can assign a personal manager to each customer. Managers can see the entire database or only a segment – the right of access to the database can be easily adjusted.

  • Full information

    You can input any important data to CRM. For example, the customer’s location or area of activity. If required, you can order additional information fields to be added to your inquiry form.

  • Segmentation

    You get visual data to analyse customer’s needs based on the history of interaction with him/her. You can now easily make offers to suit the interests of each particular customer.