miniCRM Stream Business allows to keep track of your customers. You always can easily access the list of contacts as well as the history of phone interaction with customers.

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Common database of customers

Information about all customers is stored in database which is common for all structural entities of the company. You can assign a personal manager or a group of responsible employees to each customer. You can also adjust the level of access to customers’ data in accordance with company’s priorities.

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Processing of calls and queries

All calls are automatically registered in the database. It allows you to instantly access any conversation with a customer and monitor the progress of transaction processing. When a manager receives a call, he can easily access all data related to the customer as well as to the history of interaction with him/her. You can also quickly add new customers to the database.

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Easy reporting

You can create your own reporting algorithm which will allow you to better supervise the work of your employees as well as results of their efforts. You can easily generate reports covering work of separate employees or departments.

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Remote access and security

You can work in from any location where there is an Internet connection – in office, at home or while traveling. All data is stored on the virtual server and is well-protected. You can also setup the level of access to customers’ data individually for every employee. All actions made in stream CRM are registered in Action Log.


Data import and export

You can easily upload you database of customers to miniCRM You can also export the database from miniCRM to your computer. You can limit the rights of data export/import in order to safeguard you company from data leaks.