• Integrated solution

    Stream CRM can be fully integrated with Cloud PBX without external modules and additional payments for system maintenance. You get a single personal account, free advice and technical support for all system components.

  • Pop-up windows


    Call window

    During a call, employees can see the phone number of the customer, his/her name or the name of the organization, as well as the name of the responsible manager in a pop-up window.

    Conversation window

    During a call you can access detailed information about the customer: secured and planned transactions, meetings, and history of interactions with notes thereto.

  • Adding information

    Using the information window you can add notes and comments directly during a call or after it’s completed. You can record customers’ needs and offers made to plan further cooperation with him/her.

  • Instantly add new customers

    If the incoming number is absent in your database you can create a new account or add the number to the contact list of an existing customer in the conversation window.