• Homepage

    Important reports can be seen on the homepage. The homepage is available in a web browser.

  • CEO knows it all

    Thanks  to reporting and analytics top managers always know how the things are going in the Sales Department. And the employees know what measures are to be taken to improve sales and customer service. They do not need to spend time doing reporting – the CRM system does it for them.

  • Examples of available reports

    • Number of sales by branches, channels of communication, managers and time.
    • The number of queries received through various communication channels.
    • Sales Funnel by business process steps and the status of transactions.
    • The ratio between the number of customers’ calls to the number of transactions.
    • Analysis of the employees’ performance with regard to the number of transactions, calls, letters, meetings, tasks assigned and completed.
    • Analytical reports on phone calls
    • Report on the individual performance of each employee
    • and much more