The evolution of cloud technologies, such as cloud PBX and CRM, transformed the phone from a simple communication device into a universal tool for accounting, analytics, and management.

в офисе думает о танках три сотрудника
With the help of monitoring of calls, you can better track what employees do during working hours. In companies, where major work with customers is conducted via phone, the control of calls remains the key instrument for assessment of the effectiveness of work. While developing our CRM we took care to make management of calls a pleasant and easy task.

The control is based on the interaction of the manager with the CRM- the system which enables to track everyday work of each manager. Due to such high level of data systematization, you can instantly receive information about work of each manager – number of meetings with customers, as well as details on calls and other interactions of the manger. For example, having entered the module «Extended reports» and having chosen the entity «Types of Communications» you can see that during 2 weeks the manager appointed 2 meetings and provided 4 on-line consultations, etc. By comparing these figures with results of other employees you will be able to conclude on the productivity of every particular manager.

1You can select the report on particular communications and create a forecast.

You can track working hours of employees checking the time of their login into the system. Every time the employee access or logs out of the system is registered in the «Audit journal» which is located in setup module.


The time of the event, the name of the employee as well as the type of action (log in or log out) are indicated.

We advise you to create your own algorithm of assessment of the performance of employees in the processing of calls. For example, you can apply the following methodology for processing of cold calls: select 10-15 effective calls and calculate the average time of the conversation. As a result, you will get the average time of effective conversation which will serve as a benchmark for all employees. By accessing the module «Online reports» you can see that the average time of conversation on the 11th day of the month is 64 seconds. Let’s assume that the average time of effective conversation is 60 seconds, plus-minus 10 seconds.

3Another tool for assessment of employees’ performance is the «Queue». It’s relevant for the assessment of the performance of employees who are dealing with the processing of incoming calls from customers. If you want you can even create a system of the motivation of employees using the data from the «Queue», as it collects information about all activities undertaken by a staff member with a particular record.

4Here you will find the average response time, as well as the average time of the record processing. The system also analyses how much time an employee spends for processing of all records and conducts monitoring of the current status of each record. You can find the data on the performance of every manager for any particular period of time. Furthermore, you can upload the database of phone numbers to the «Queue» for making «cold» calls as well as to monitor the status of the queue by analyzing the number of processed records. By accessing the report «Queue. Deleted (processed) records by reason of removal» in the statistics entity of the «Queue» module you can monitor reasons why an employee deleted certain records.