Cloud PBX Functions

Voice menu or IVR


Voice menu or IVR is a powerful tool to process incoming calls designed to perform 2 main functions: greeting company’s customers and automating of their calls distribution according to the subject of the query. High-quality voice menu allows even small companies to appear impressive and attract more customers. The functionality of the service includes::

  • Call processing during autoplay of informative audio messages without distribution to company’s employees;
  • Routing calls to the company’s employees;
  • Forwarding of calls to employee’s telephone, regardless of his/her physical location;
  • Recording of voice messages from callers;
  • Receiving faxes.

«Conference calls» service


«Conference calls» service is an indispensable tool for any dynamic company which enables effective optimization of employees’ workflow. «Conference calls» service allow to organize collective talks with your partners or team meetings with remote employees at any time without the need for everyone to gather in the same office space. Key benefits of «Conference calls» service::

  • The simple algorithm of conference calling allows to organize a conference for several participants in a few minutes;
  • No need to buy additional hardware (media server, etc.);
  • Possibility to organize mixed conferences where a part of callers gather in a meeting room and remote participants are connected by phone via speakerphone;
  • Online call-ins during the conference;
  • An unlimited number of callers;
  • Conference call recording that allows you to play the recorded audio in your Personal Cabinet

«Conference calls» service is a powerful tool for a company which helps to quickly solve many organizational issues which previously required the organization of meetings and personal presence of the staff members.

Forwarding and transfer of calls


Calls Forwarding allows you to forward all incoming calls in accordance with the rules set by you. Calls Forwarding gives additional opportunities for companies actively communicating with their customers and aimed at establishing mutually beneficial partnership with them. Every successful entrepreneur knows that one missed call can bust a deal. That is why call forwarding is so important. What are the benefits for your company?

  • Calls forwarding allows you to process your customer calls at any time of the day. If a customer calls you at night the system will route the call to a mobile or home phone of the responsible employee or offer your customer to record a voice message and send it to your email. In the morning you can contact that customer.
  • If you are going on a business trip you only need to buy a local SIM card to set up call forwarding to the local cell phone using our web interface. The amount of money you will save on your communication abroad would pleasant surprise for your CFO.


Call Transfer: cloud PBX supports two options for transferring of incoming calls:

  • «Transfer without consultation», i.e. blindly, without waiting for an employee to pick up
  • «Transfer with consultation» when the operator has the ability to talk with an employee to whom the call is transferred. Such algorithm for call distribution can be used for numbers which aren’t used for active sales, for example, for secretaries at the reception desks when the calls are related to different issues covering the management of company’s operations.

Distribution of calls


Cloud PBX Stream Telecom allows you to configure various call processing algorithms and change them if necessary. Customizable call distribution algorithms serve to solve various business problems related to the assessment of your employees’ performance and customer service improvement. Cloud PBX offers several call distribution algorithms:

  • Serial priority — a consistent dialing of numbers in the preset order. This call distribution algorithm allows you to direct calls primarily to the most competent employees. For example, a VIP customer call is directed to the personal manager first, if he/she is absent — to the deputy; then to the head of the group and finally to the secretary of the department.
  • Parallel distribution — implies that a call is distributed simultaneously to all free operators. The main goal of this algorithm is to minimize the hold delay time. This call distribution algorithm is conveniently combined with motivation to receive the maximum number of calls. In this case, operators will be interested in spending more time at the working station to receive more calls. This algorithm is most suitable for ad campaigns when the number of calls drastically increases and minimum hold delay time becomes a key factor.
  • Distribution to the free operator — an incoming call is routed to the operator whose previous conversation with the customer was earlier than the other operators’, then to the second on the list, and so on for the rest of operators. Such algorithm is used in companies with a low workload of managers, whose work is linked to subsequent post-processing of calls (for example, the preparation of the commercial offer for the customer). Sometimes this type of call distribution is used in order to give operators a break before the next communication with the customer.
  • A random (equally probable) choice — this type of call distribution allows to ensure an equal workload for operators. Random algorithm enables to evaluate the performance of operators (average hold delay time, the total number of calls received, a number of calls received per operator, the average time of communication with a customer in general and per operator).

Calls statistics and monitoring


Cloud PBX Stream Telecom has a mechanism for analysis of statistical information on all incoming and received calls. All information on calls is stored in the Cloud PBX and is stored in module «Statistics» in the Personal Cabinet. This module is available in graphical form or in the form of files that can be uploaded to a computer for further processing. The statistical capacity of «Monitoring» module allows to: 

  • Show the total number of the incoming calls to the phone numbers.
  • Identify the time of the highest and lowest workload (distribution of calls by time).
  • Rate the quality of call processing:
    • the ratio of the received and lost calls;
    • identify reasons, departments and employees contributing to the statistics of lost calls;
    • estimate the hold delay time;
    • average call duration in general, for business units or specific employees.
  • Evaluate the performance of advertising campaigns engaging various communication channels.

Web-based user interface


The web-based user interface allows you to get access to the calls statistics, activation and use of services such as Web2FAX, call back, call forwarding and more. What are the benefits for your company?

  • control of company and individual employee expenses
  • check the call cost on the direction you want
  • analytical data
  • analysis and monitoring of employees’ performance

Virtual fax


Virtual fax is:

  • cost-effective: you don’t need a separate phone line to send faxes;
  • convenient: the procedure of online sending and receipt of faxes is autonomous —  the fax server itself dials the needed fax machine of your partner;

Fax-To-Email is a service that allows you to receive fax correspondence without a fax machine. It doesn’t change anything in fax receipt and sending procedure for the sender – though all the faxes are sent directly to your email as a document file.  You do not need a separate phone line, fax machine, and supplies.

Why is virtual fax better than conventional faxing?

  • it’s never busy — you can be sure to receive all faxes sent to you;
  • it provides convenient tools to work with the documents — you can quickly sort the received faxes, print and delete received documents;
  • it ensures the confidentiality of the information received;
  • Sip fax is the future technology available today

Calls’ recording


Calls’ recording is an effective Cloud PBX tool aimed at improving the quality of customer service. It features:

  • Selective or continuous call recording;
  • Immediate call recording at the time of the call;
  • You can save and play recorded calls online in your  Personal Cabinet;
  • You can e-mail recorded conversations as mp3 audio files;

What are the benefits of calls recording?

  • Correction of customer service processes based on the analysis of recorded telephone conversations;
  • Employee training and education – the most successful cases of conducting telephone conversations can be used for staff training;
  • Conflict resolution tool – in case of conflict with your customers you can check the history of interaction with a customer by accessing the recorded conversations;
  • Increased sales funnel — the cumulative effect is achieved by optimizing the process of communication with customers based on the analysis of telephone conversations.

Virtual meeting


The virtual meeting is a quick and effective tool that allows to organize simultaneous communication for a large number of remote participants (colleagues, partners or customers).

You don’t have to buy special equipment for virtual meetings. A phone is all you need.

More than 100 people can participate in the audio conference simultaneously. The virtual meeting is conducted online: details about the actions of the participants are displayed on your computer screen, so the user gets the same information and experience as participants of the real-life conference.

The virtual meeting is used best with virtual number service.

Multi-channel phone number


Multi-channel and multi-line phone number are tools that enable to process several telephone calls at the same time both incoming and outgoing. The functionality and wide range of applications of multi-line phones have long been appreciated by the small and large companies. For now, practically all businesses use this technology for internal and external communication. However, multi-channel telephone requires the installation of the PBX.

Multi Number’s pros:

  1. The financial benefits of connection. (four-line number is as effective as four direct numbers, but the cost of connection is lower)
  2. Commercial benefits during advertising campaigns or work with customers (if you give several direct numbers and several of them are busy when your customers call your company you would lose them to your competitors.  When you dial the multi-channel number the call is automatically routed to a free line and call back is no longer needed.)
  3. It is easier to remember one number than a few…

Response time IVR


Response time IVR is one of the most necessary options for companies operating in the mass market! Response time IVR is a convenient service that gives your customers information about the approximate operator’s time to answer. If you are experiencing peak loads and call queues this option is for you!

Don’t lose your customer calls because of large flows of incoming calls. Studies have shown that response time IVR significantly increases the duration of your customer’s waiting on line. This means that during peak call loads more subscribers wait for operator’s response. A cutting-edge algorithm designed by our experts powers response time IVR using reliable data on the last call, the number of operators in the group and the average duration of calls.

When all operators in the group are busy the customer will hear the message: «Unfortunately, all operators are busy at the moment. An operator will answer you in … minutes».

Connecting of third-party operators phone numbers 


As a rule, companies wishing to connect to the Cloud PBX already use the numbers previously acquired from other operators. It is clear that the rejection of these numbers will lead to loss of customers’ calls. Cloud PBX Stream Telecom is able to receive and process incoming calls to the numbers of the third-party operators.

Unified rules

Customers of the company, regardless of whether they call an «old» number or new ones will hear the same welcoming message. Call processing will occur under the same algorithms.


All the advantages offered by  Cloud PBX   Stream Telecom will be available for third-party operators numbers’ including:

  • Calls recording,
  • Receipt of faxes,
  • «Monitoring» package and other features.

Get a number in any city

Regardless of your location, you can use Cloud PBX by connecting numbers in the codes offered by Stream Telecom or use local operators numbers. How does it work? There are two options for connecting external operators:

  1. Using a VoIP-Gateway: landlines can be connected to the Virtual PBX Stream Telecom through VoIP-gateway. For example, Linksys SPA3102.
  2. Direct IP calls: most fixed-line operators provide service call redirection to the SIP-address.