GetClient — is a service allowing to get in touch with your potential customer in the fastest way possible.

Users of your site can instantly request a call back using the contact form or leave a request for a call to a manager. The program registers all requests received from customers out of working hours and connects clients with operators as soon as they are available at work.

You can adjust the widget’s layout on the site according to your preferences. This widget can be easily integrated into any web-site.

Advantages and functions of GetClient

  • Two modes of functioning

    Stream Telecom GetClient service has 2 operational modes allowing to it very efficiently::

    • A customer can order a call and the program will automatically connect him/her with the manager via phone..
    • A customer can leave a request for a call back at a time convenient for him/her; it will be directed to the StreamCRM and then processed by the manager.

  • Layout adjustment tool

    Allows to adjust the color and placement of the widget to make it suitable for your web-site.

  • Calls recording

    Store and analyze received calls. Create the most effective modes of interaction with customers!

  • Working schedule

    Call backs during working hours and depending on availability of operators.

  • Calls’ analysis

    You will be able to adequately estimate benefits of widget usage at your web-site.

  • Integration with StreamCRM

    Contacts of customers, who are making calls via widget, are directed to your database of potential clients for further processing.


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