• Sales management

    Employees create draft transactions in CRM indicating their status, the number of sold products and services, their prices, discounts and payments received. In the transaction draft, you can indicate calls, meetings and other contacts with the customer in order to better navigate the sales process. This, in particular, facilitates the supervision of the sales process.

  • Products database

    CRM database conveniently stores information about all the provided services and products, their quantity in stock and their prices. The database is loaded into the CRM from a CSV file.

  • Templates for invoices and documents

    You can create an invoice and commercial offers templates in advance. This will allow your employees quickly generate the required documents using data from price lists, as well as send these documents to their customers by mail or print invoices.

  • History of transactions

    Stream CRM stores the entire history of transactions. You can view all completed and pending transactions to detect and analyze failed and successful interactions.