By ordering a Virtual CIS Number in Stream Telecom you will be able to receive all incoming calls from your customers from the CIS countries by using our cutting-edge Cloud PBX solution.

Advantages of Virtual CIS number

  • Virtual CIS number will enable you to advertise and promote your products and services on the market of the CIS, while your office may be located in EU or in any other country.
  •  When you change the office premises the number will remain the same, so you will be able to continue using all our services as soon as you will connect the equipment to the Internet.
  • You can select the number of practically all Russian cities as your Virtual Russian number.
  • Virtual number is the simplest and the most affordable solution!

Available CIS virtual numbers:

Code Country
374 Armenia
995 Georgia 
77 Kazakhstan
996 Kyrgistan
992 Tadgikistan
380 Ukraine

Conditions of provision of the number:

  • You need to provide a scan copy of the passport.
  • Incoming calls to the virtual number are free of charge.
  • Every virtual number has two voice channels. Additional channels may be provided for additional payment.