How not to let customers miss their managers and how to make managers not to forget about their customers?

It’s easy! StreamCRM provides the function of «stickiness» of call which enables the customer’s call to become «sticky» and be referred to the same responsible manager every time he or she contacts the company.

The company may have one or several numbers for the receipt of customers’ calls.


When the customer contacts the company for the first time his or her call is assigned to the responsible manager according to the rules of calls transfer. When receiving a call the manager sees in his or her CRM profile a pop-up window «Incoming call»


2As we can see this customer contacts the company for the first time. Nevertheless there is a possibility already to add him or her to the folder «Potential clients» by clicking the «blue man» icon.

3The manager adds main and additional information about the customer to the system and pushes «Save». After that, this particular customer is assigned to the manager and regardless the number he or she will dial next time to contact the company the customer will be directed to his or her manager. The key condition, however, is that these numbers should be connected to Cloud PBX Stream Telecom. When the customer will contact the company for the second time the manager will see the following message:


The pop-up window shows the basic information about the customer with an indication of the name of the company within the brackets. By clicking on the customer’s name, you will access the full customer’s biodata containing all relevant information:

4In this window, you can switch among tabs «Communication history», «History of calls», «Transactions» as well as to look through the detailed information of every section.

This function will allow you to substantially improve relationships with customers. Just imagine: managers will greet customers by names and ask their feedback about the previous order. This function is of vital importance for call centers.

The head of the company may change and reassign managers for customers.

StreamCRM will make your relationships with customers easy and smart.