faceDoes the word «queue» means waiting and wasted time for you? Stream Telecom will breach these stereotypes with the help of the unique tool «Queue» integrated into StreamCRM.

We named this tool in such way not to confuse you. On the contrary – this tool will help you to save time, not to miss customers’ calls and even more. You can connect any source of information to the «Queue» — requests obtained via the site, online consultants, feedback forms, etc. The «Queue» will become a reliable assistant in your business and will notify you of any missed call or new request. It’s a highly adaptable tool.

Let’s familiarize with the tool



Here is the «Queue»

It consists of calls which you’ve missed.  When you miss a call, you will see figure «1» near the tab, it means that you have one missed call and you have to process it as soon as possible. By opening the tab you will get detailed information about the missed call. StreamCRM will notify you of the call and provide tips – maybe a potential customer called – and will show a corresponding pictogram in the record. You can see on the picture that in column «Manager» the record «system» is indicated. It means that this record is not assigned yet. Let’s try to assign it.


By pushing the yellow flag indicator you automatically assign this call to yourself. Then your name appears in the column «Manager» . From now on only you can follow-up on this call. Additional tools for calls processing including «Return to the queue», «Delete» (here you have to indicate the reason of removal) and «Add to the list of potential customers» become available to you. For example, I push the icon of the handset, the system automatically dials the number and after that you can remove the record from the «queue», choosing «Hoax» option from the popup menu.

2Only after that, the record will be finalized. It’s worth mentioning that without processing the first record, you cannot proceed to the following ones. Calls made through WebCall (a call via the site), as well as through widget GetClient (an order via the site) will be also added to the queue.

That’s how the call via site looks like (though you won’t be able to call back this customer as he called via internet browser without indicating his phone number):


The head of the company can monitor to whom records were assigned, what an employee did with it as well as how long he worked on one record. Statistical reports are then generated of this data and become available to the head of the company.

Put all calls in the queue and don’t miss any calls from customers. Put everything under control with StreamCRM.