«WebCall» — new opportunities for attracting customers!!

«WebCall» — is a fast and free tool to contact you. While navigating your site a customer sees an action button of ordering a call allowing him or her to get in touch with you in a blink of an eye.

Advantages and functions of «WebCall»

  • More calls

    Now the decision to make a call became easier for customers. Subscribing for WebCall service will also enable you to use other additional options, such as for example, voice greetings, calls’ recording, etc.

  • Compatibility with gadgets

    «WebCall» widget is compatible with different mobile gadgets. It enables customer to instantly dial your number using a smartphone or a tablet.

  • Informing customers

    If customer calls outside of working hours, the program will detect the call, «put» it in the queue and a manager will contact the customer during working hours.

  • Reduction of expenses

    A call via widget WebCall is free of charge for the company as well as for the customers.


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