Get to know the truth about the work of your employees!

Benefits of calls recording

Supervision of sales scenarios
In order to make your default sales scenarios operational and profitable, managers should attentively follow instructions on its implementation. Calls recording will allow you to control how thoroughly your employees observe all recommendations while communicating with clients.

Monitoring of conversations’ time
You get low sales even despite your employees make a lot of calls? Sort all calls according to their duration and learn about reasons behind those failures!


Statistics on client’s queries
Recording of conversations enables you to monitor the demand for your product or service among customers as well as to analyze their questions. With calls recording you will be able to provide your customers with best propositions as well as to increase sales.

Conflicts resolution tool
Calls recording may become a winning argument in any dispute.


If you don’t use calls recording:

  • It’s very inconvenient to control the sales process.
  • It’s hard to assess employees’ expertise during their communication with customers.
  • Unnoticed mistakes are not traced and thus become repetitive.

If you use calls recording:

  • The employees’ work become more transparent.
  • It’s easier to assess employees’ expertise.
  • Enhance communication with customers, increase sales!