Cloud PBX and Cloud CRM Prices


per user
per user
  • Basic functions of PBX + miniCRM Stream Business

  • miniCRM Stream Business (clients, pop-up card, one-click number dialling, comments)

  • Statistical reports by employee
  • History of all calls
  • Call statistics
  • Recording of calls
  • Call transfer/Call pickup
  • Free calls among employees
  • Prevention of unwanted calls (Auto-attendant)
  • Scenarios of calls receipt according to the schedule
  • Receipt of SMS via personal cabinet
  • Conference, video-calls
  • Smart «sticky» call distribution
  • Web-call – call via web-site
  • GetClient – widget for call ordering via the web-site. It helps to connect the client who ordered the call with a manager
  • Management of calls forwarding via Personal cabinet
  • Personalized voice mail system supporting e-mail
  • Integration with external CRMs
  • Encrypted calls
    10 EUR / month


per user
per user
  • StreamCRM + functions of the «Professional» package
  • StreamCRM
  • Management of call scenarios
  • Sending and receipt of SMS via Personal cabinet
  • Queue + automatic Queue processing
  • Automatic assignment of Client to the manager (superstickiness of call)
  • Drop of incoming calls and automatic callback
  • Work with transactions, communication, planning tools
  • System of registration and automatic processing of missed calls
  • Assessment of employees’ performance
  • Extended statistics and analytics
  • Corporate chat for employees
  • Direct queries from the website to CRM, import / export
  • Integration with external data sources, site forms, billing systems, etc.
  • StreamCRM adaptation for busibess needs
  • Individual adjustment of employees’ access rights
  • Adjustable quick access interface
  • Encrypted calls
    5 EUR / month
  • CallCenter Module
    5 EUR per month per user
  • Installing fee — FREE
  • Changing the settings of Cloud PBX — 1 EUR
  • Voice greeting recording by professional speaker (1 Message), one-time fee — 5 EUR.*
  • Configuring ATA (Cisco SPA112) — 10 EUR.
  • IP Phone configuring   — 5 EUR.
  • GSM GW configuring (GoIP) — 5 EUR.
  • GSM GW configuring (other manufacturers) — 10 EUR.

* Installation of your voice greeting message for free